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FAQ - Help

Why should I register?
Creating a login profile with Henry Du Bora Online Shop allows you to shop faster, track the status of your current orders and review your previous orders. Registering only needs to be done once, not each time you order from us.

Can I buy without registering/logging in?
Simply put, no. The reason for the registration and logging in is based around security, your security.

Do I log in before I chose products to buy?
It doesn't matter, if you're registered you can browse the site and add products to your shopping basket. If you aren't logged in, you will be prompted to do so when you go to the checkout to purchase the contents of your shopping basket.

LoginHow do I log in?
Just below our red and blue logo at the top left of this page is some text reading "Home | Log In/Register", these are hyperlinks (also known as the more plain 'links'). The 'Home' link will take to back to the home page, but to log in, you click on the 'Log In' link. Once you click on the link, you are taken to the log in page.

If you've registered with us before then you will just need to fill in your email address and your password in the returning customers area and then press the 'login' button. If you haven't registered with us before, you will need to complete the information and then press the 'submit' button in the new customers section - just below the returning customers area.

How do I log out?
A similar procedure to loggin on, but logging out. Once you're logged in, the text below our logo changes to "Home | Log Out | My Account". To log out, just click on the "Log Out" text.

How do I know whether I'm logged in or not?
If you are not logged in, the text below the logo will read "Home | Log In/Register", if you are logged in it will read "Home | Log Out | My Account".

Is purchasing from you safe?
Yes. We employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt personal details sent to us along with other technologies used when ordering. Ordering from us is as safe as any ordering online can be. The safety feature is one of the reasons that you need to be registered with us to place an order.

What do I do if what I ordered isn't what I recieved?
If your order doesn't match what you placed an order for, please contact us. Please also read our returns policy.

What do I do about returning goods?
For details about returning goods, please read our returns policy.

Just enter your search query and click on the 'SEARCH' button.How do I search for something?
To search our site, please type your search query into the search box below the list of product categories. The results of your search will contain your query irrespective of which category they are from, in the example illustrated you'll recieve results from Berets, Cap Badges, Stable Belts, Elite Unit Insignia and more.

Try to restrict your searches to a narrower field if you are getting too many results, 'parachute smock' instead of just 'parachute' to retrieve details of para smocks (for example).

I'm stationed abroad, will you post goods to me?
In some circumstances, yes. If you're abroad but at a BFPO address then please read our BFPO & Overseas section. For details about placing an overseas but non-BFPO address order, please contact us.

Where do I get more help?
For any more help, please feel free to contact us.


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